A Good Chat Therapy & Counselling

About us

Agood.chat is a service run by professional qualified counsellors who engage with clients online. It is a service created for the online audience who cannot attend in person, embracing the available technology. Nearly everyone holds a device in their pocket, or has at least one capable device in their home that is amazingly capable of connecting us and we believe in engaging its use as a powerful tool for self help.

We reach out to other professional writers, bloggers, creators, psychologists, psychiatrists, gurus and experts to bring you interesting articles, guides, information and how-to’s on our site.

our store is carefully curated to bring you high quality items intended to enhance your therapeutic experience, sense of self and compliment your sessions. they have been selected because we believe they will bring value to you on your journey to wellbeing, uplift your relaxation or engage your mind in positive ways. We hope they bring you as much joy using them as it brought us in anticipating them being used!

We are an Australian based service, but work world wide. We have clients in Europe, UK, USA, Asia and New Zealand. Currently we offer counselling services in English language only; but we are working hard to bring other languages to availability soon.