A Good Chat Therapy & Counselling

Why would I get counselling?

Why would I get counselling? Isn’t that for people with mental issues?

Maybe. Sometimes. But not always.

You might seek a counsellor for many reasons. It certainly isn’t for just for people with mental health issues, but it certainly can help if you do happen to have mental health issues. But the fact is, it can help with any issues you are facing.

People seek counselling because of stress, grief, anger issues, divorce, marriage, weight loss, anxiety, depression, loneliness, separation, to cope with changes, work issues…. The list goes on. You might just need to talk something out with a non judgmental stranger, you might need to develop a plan to change your way of thinking; about a situation, about yourself, about others… there’s a million different reasons you might want to seek out someone who is not only impartial, empathetic and guaranteed to not only listen to you, but able to help you develop the skills to work through issues that may have been blocking you for years, or even decades.

Counselling is tailored to the individual, your needs, your goals, your wants from the process. Our talented staff take great pride in not only being client focused, are genuine, talented and waiting to help you.

We can help you make a plan of action and walk you through the process of finding the tools in yourself to change.

We can help you find ways of expressing yourself in healthy, productive, positive ways and bringing positive changes to your life through a journey of self discovery and healthy self expression.

We aren’t psychologists or psychiatrists. We don’t prescribe medication, you don’t need a referral to see us, and we deal with every day people; people that seek out someone to talk to for issues in their life they want to control, overcome, manage or just to talk to. We are qualified, trained and skilled Counsellors with Australian accreditation and membership in Australian psychology and counselling bodies.

We also offer a casual chat service for the socially isolated to feel reconnected and not so isolated or those that just want to hear a friendly voice, but may not want to commit to a seeing a counsellor, or might not feel comfortable seeing a counsellor.

While we do work with those who suffer from mental Ill health, most of our clients are simply having a hard time working through one or more issues that are presenting blocks to living a full, happy life, and everyone can relate that, can’t they?

We like to think we empower people to be their best, and show them tools to do this. We unconditionally encourage and support our clients and empower each and every one on a journey to self empowerment and control.

If you have something you’d like to talk through, or want to unload an issue and lighten the load, or just a chat, please reach out and contact us today, or go ahead and book in a time to suit you!