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Chat services

We absolutely understand that sometimes you might want to talk, but you don’t actually want to talk to a professional psychoanalyst, psychiatrist or counsellor.

We get it. Sometimes you just want to Talk.

You may be socially isolated, you may need to vent, you may just need to hear a friendly voice, and that’s absolutely ok. 

Sometimes a casual chat can be as, if not more, beneficial that a structured formal counselling session, and we encourage you to reach out if you need someone to just chat to casually. We listen, we care, and we get it.

You can direct the chat, pick a topic, or you can engage in us talking about anything you want or nothing very much at all: its up to you.

Talk to us via video, phone, messenger, Alexa drop in, the choices are endless.

We’re natural chatterboxes and love engaging with a good conversation, so bring it on, talk to us, its totally what we do.