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Importance Of Relaxation For Mental Health

By guest blogger Asma Shareef

spirituality and Healing writer

Stop a minute, right where you are. Don’t rush. Don’t force. Don’t stress. Let things happen and trust the process. Tell that imperious voice in your mind, to be still.

A World Bound to Content and Structure
Scarcely anyone, by the matter of fact, is free of hectic life-pattern. Here and there, all of us are busy achieving the outer goals. As an outcome, it seems like the idea of letting our “mind and body” rest- in this fast-paced world, has been run out of town. Now I must let you in on a secret. Although most of us acknowledge that relaxation is the necessity of physical wellness, hardly anyone knows the benefits it possesses on a mental level. So Let’s dig deeper and find out exactly what relaxation do to ease the mental conflicts.

Relaxation- The Ultimate Healer
Becoming less formal, aloof, or tense, to reduce the intensity of life, is everyone’s dream. But how often do we take some time to embrace our worries? Now here’s the real kicker! Not only that a relaxed mind makes you feel happy, it boosts creativity, cures anxiety, and depression as well. Here I put together, some of the most amazing relaxation techniques, along with their importance.

• Deep Breathing: Tired of your 9 to 5 routine? Or maybe angry at your partner’s non-apologetic behavior? On a count of three, take deep breaths, pay attention to the breathing pattern, notice how you sense an inner peace. This will ideally lowers your stress level, along with depression.
Your mind starts healing in no time.

• Meditation: No one is unaware of this relaxation technique. But how is it gonna help on mental level? Let me be a bit more specific. Meditation trains one’s mind, by letting go of past regrets, and future worries. Besides, it improves your focus and self-esteem. What can beat that?

• Art Therapy: Whether you are an artist or not. This relaxation technique should be on your bucket list because we know it does wonder on emotional and psyche level. Still not convinced?
Researches on psychology assert that art or any relaxing therapy, in particular, develops neural systems that produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from curing depression to boosting creativity.

Now here is something you need to understand. Relaxation is not at all bound to the above initiatives, only. Taking a hot shower on a busy day, or missing your cocktail party to take a nap, watching your favorite TV show, lying under the sheet of the starry sky – all fit into the box of relaxation.

A Word From Us
So the most important thing, you should be master of, is to unbound your mind, and relax every muscle group until you feel like you are part of the cosmos… Then you just let it all go, in a wave. All the expectations, destructive thoughts, things other people long for you but you don’t want for yourself. Eventually, you will witness the magic of life, like never before.
It is rightly put into words by Sam Harrison:

“Sometimes we just need to put down our phones, close
our eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ideas are often in flight patterns around our brains, just waiting
for clearance to land.”

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