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Radical Acts of Art

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By Luci, Staff writer, blogger, Counsellor

When does it become radical to act in the interest of your own mental health and well being?

To disconnect that which is fundamentally damaging to your soul and to change the things that hurt you and to step outside of the paradigm and say no more.

What act of treachery is it, to not allow ourselves to be sold as a product to be consumed by a system; one that thinks of us as disposable and worthless unless we provide it with and endless stream of what makes us unique and special and give up the very fabric of our selves in exchange for feelings of doubt and depression and anxiety and anger?

How can a machine that feeds you lies and untruths and half truths and unjustifiable misinformation be trusted with the essence of what makes us free and life worth living? We can’t. Shouldn’t. 

To step from the chains of the system that sell us ourselves and rise up and slow down is a radical act it will fear, and it will try to pull you back down and speed you back up.

When it holds you in it’s grip and the rush of its pace makes you think it is normal to feel this rush, this adrenaline, the anger and hate and outrage and fear, the loneliness and solitude and jealousy and sadness, the faster it goes and the more we feel so lost- 

It is time to stop. 

And step off and to slow down

A radical act of compassion towards ourselves, a kindness to our very soul to allow ourselves room to grow and nurture the love we are so very capable of so very easily, to spread joy and love and light and take time to find the simple pleasures enough to make us feel complete and whole and worthwhile. To have reason to be thankful and give thanks and to care:

To slow down. To smell the roses. To make bread or pick flowers or collect leaves or plant seeds. To make and to bake and grow and to sow and create. Time to make art.

Create. Make. Sew, paint, Stich, draw, mould, bake, fold, knot, grow, hook. To set our hands to tasks that bring busyness and concentration and focus and purpose. Things we pour ourselves into and escape with for moments. 

Art that is life. A canvass of everything in a world that is big enough to paint, to chose the medium of creation and give yourself purpose, to gain worth and accomplishments, to feel confident and know in your self you have worth because you contributed and you participated and you made effort and gave up a vision to the world and said yes, I did this, I made this. I made me.

Art is a radical compassion. 

Art is to make and create and grow and read and write and draw and make. 

Art is a thing of love and light and creation, a sacred space where you gain more than you give and it is the only way to rebel against a system that packages you into consumer slots and tells you your worth based on your spending in its self and how little you mean without contribution to its hunger.

Be radical. 




Be Art.

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