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Relationship counselling

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Relationship  & couples counselling

Why might you seek counselling in your relationship?

It depends on the relationship! We don’t just serve romantic relationships, we also help platonic, business and arrangement relationships. Anything that requires two or more people to agree, communicate and come to mutually beneficial places can be a tricky space to navigate, so we offer valuable tools to help and a neutral space to meet.

There are as many answers to this as there are relationships. You and your partner may be in crisis and edging towards divorce. You may be fighting a lot, or not able to see eye to eye. 

Maybe you have drifted apart, or there have been factors in your relationship that mean your relationship has changed and you need to reconnect, learn to communicate or find new ways of working together.

There is no single reason why you might might need counselling, but there may be many.

Reconnect : finding ways to reconnect or rekindle the romance or just the daily tasks. Reconnecting can reboot a stale relationship or enhance one that’s had a few cracks appear.

Communicate better: everyone can learn new and better ways to communicate and in a relationship it can bring whole new levels of contentment and happiness together. 

Infidelity: past or present issues, learning to let go, move on or finding ways to express your feelings in poise ways can be a powerful impact on. Your relationships and self esteem

Domestic abuse history: consolidate your emotional state and work out plans to prevent and move forward.  We do not facilitate current domestic violence incidents. We will, however, counsel people to move past past experiences with an ex partner or current partner. *current domestic abuse issues will fall under mandatory reporting criteria. For current domestic abuse issues you should contact you local or state domestic violence advisory, police or other assistive agency. Agoodchat does not condone, support or facilitate domestic violence situations. 

Pre marriage counselling: vital to getting off on the right foot, learning how to cohabitate, appreciate and domesticate with your new partner to be is absolutely essential to a healthy relationship. A third party to negotiate the tricky questions; kids, dinner nights, working life balance, hobbies and interests, time management, and who sleeps on the left side! 

Post relationship counselling : break ups are hard to do, but they are a fact of life. Children, pets and business can complicate things, or even ending relationships on a mutual good note and learning to move on. How to let go, how to manage your emotions and how to be better at not being together.

Divorce counselling: keep it civil keep it clean and keep it neutral. Bringing in the lawyers and splitting al the assets and the kids time can be hard spaces to negotiate well. Learn to be grown up, amicable and mutual in your split, learn management skills to keep the dependants out of it, and learn to move past the split and maintain clear lines of fair communication for the good of everyone.

Living together issues: cohabitation blues can end an otherwise great relationship. Accomodating each others habits, living arrangements and expectations: you don’t have to be lovers, friends can seek help to stay that way, flatmates can learn to negotiate troubled waters and foster the best arrangements possible for both parties.

Differences in lifestyles: growing together or apart can be tough! Learn to negotiate differences in lifestyles and consolidate you similarities into a powerful positive change in the relationship to keep you on track.

Business relationship; these can be tricky spaces to navigate but we can help you learn to keep it professional, on track and express what you need to to keep the relationship going, or how to call it quits! Save valuable time and energy and get it right before the big deals fall through, or learn to cope with them going awry. 

You might want to seek our services for any of the above reasons, but basically, if your relationship, any relationship, isn’t where you want it to be, or there are positive changes you want to make or work towards, or perhaps you want to figure out exactly what’s changed in your relationship and get it back on track, you should be contacting us to work towards making positive changes and getting control of your relationship toady!

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Working online we can communicate with you in any way you find convenient, easy and manageable: be it through Video calls, phone, text or messaging or even email: we happily work with you to accommodate your communication needs. We know that sometimes your communication needs change and we’re more than happy to work with you to make it easy to get support wherever, whenever you are.

We offer support across the globe to any and all that want to reach out and talk and we welcome people of all walks of life.