A Good Chat Therapy & Counselling

Service agreement

Counselling and Therapy Service Agreement 

please read and agree to the following terms of service. Without agreement and understanding we cannot commence service.

 I understand that Agood.chat services and my counsellor will help me to understand myself, help me clarify my problems, goals and objectives, and help me look at alternative solutions to my problems.  

I understand this may involve homework, which I am prepared to commit myself to, as requested.  

I further understand that I am fully responsible for the decisions I make concerning my life and behaviour.  

I understand that the model of therapy used may look at the past and the present. It may consider my family-of-origin, feelings, thought patterns and communication skills, all with the view of personal and family restoration to wholeness. It is designed to help me focus on achieving optimum health, encouraging me to seek and find an enriching and fulfilling life.  

As a general rule, my counsellor will keep the information I share with him/her in our sessions confidential, unless the counsellor has my written consent to disclose certain information. This will always be in relation to my care plan and discussed with me: There are, however, important exceptions to this rule that are important for me to understand before I share personal information. In some situations, my counsellor is required by law or by the guidelines of their profession to disclose information whether or not he/she has my permission.  

I understand that therapy provided will cost per session for the duration of the service. I also understand that I have to attend multiple sessions as advised, and that insurance arrangement, transportation to and from the venue is my responsibility. I understand the cost of the services involved is outlined on the purchases and cart at checkout and services are not refundable. I understand I am required to attend booked sessions and unless I provide 72 hours or more notice to change my booking time I will not be refunded for the session cost. I understand I must pre pay sessions and I can adjust the time the service is delivered with 72 hours notice and I will contact my therapist the moment I need to change a timeslot or service day and that I may not be able to reschedule to my preferred time and may need to compromise. 

I understand my therapy and counselling and all services delivered by agood.chat are for the registered user and booked persons only and that I may not bring in an undisclosed third party and that I have a responsibility to attend sessions remotely and am required to be in a private place alone and with no one else able to hear or see sessions. I agree that I will always attend sessions alone unless booked with multiple people and it is a couples or group session. I understand that if my counsellor feels the space is not sufficiently private or that there may be others present that the session may be cancelled and no refund given for the session. 

I understand that services are delivered online unless booked otherwise. I understand technology is at times infallible and unavailable to reasons outside of agood.chat control and if for any technological reason a session must be delayed, is interrupted or cancelled it may be rescheduled at an agreed time. 

I understand the service is limited to a scope of service that does not include medication prescription, diagnosis or advise outside of the services offered. 

I understand I am expected to be honest open and frank in my disclosures to receive effective help and advise 

I understand that my counsellor has a right to decline service without explanation and if multiple sessions are paid for these may be refunded if no suitable alternative counsellor can be provided by agood.chat. 

I agree to the above service conditions and wish to commit to the process, payments and methods advised and to undertake the services of agood.chat and its counsellors.