A Good Chat Therapy & Counselling

Service Agreement

Counselling agreement

I understand that my counsellor will help me to understand myself, help me clarify my problems,
goals and objectives, and help me look at alternative solutions to my problems. This will involve
homework, which I am prepared to commit myself to, as requested. I further understand that I am
fully responsible for the decisions I make concerning my life and behaviour.

I understand that the model of therapy used looks at the past and the present. It considers my
family-of-origin, feelings, thought patterns and communication skills, all having in view personal
and family restoration to wholeness. It is designed to help me focus on achieving optimum health,
encouraging me to seek and find an enriching and fulfilling life.

As a general rule, my counsellor will keep the information I share with them in our sessions
confidential, unless the counsellor has my written consent to disclose certain information.
There are, however, important exceptions to this rule that are important for me to understand before
I share personal information with my counsellor in a therapy session. In some situations, my
counsellor is required by law or by the guidelines of the profession to disclose information whether
or not they have my permission.

I understand that therapy or chat services provided will cost per session for me for the duration of the
service. I also understand that I have to attend 45 minute sessions as advised, and that I may need to book multiple sessions to gain usefulness from them.

I understand that there is no refund of booking fees once paid, and that if I do not attend sessions I will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the counselling or chat service fee.

I understand I am required to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to change session times or the session will be cancelled and the cancellation fee applied and that my first amended preferred time may not be available.

I understand session blocks must be used within 150 days of purchase and are not refundable after purchase.

I understand that casual chats are treated the same as therapeutic sessions but there is no expectation of therapeutic benefit outside of social contact, but that the same laws regarding disclosures may apply.