A Good Chat Therapy & Counselling


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Hello and welcome to A Good Chat, an online space for therapeutic counselling and conversational chat services with passionate professionals

We aim to provide the most personal, professional and personally rewarding service on the web to meet your needs: be they therapeutic counselling, or just a good chat to a friendly listening ear. Our counsellors are qualified and talented and have passion for interacting with people and love nothing more than having a good chat! We deliver holistic services that incorporate natural therapies, evidence based psychotherapy techniques and good old fashion conversational skills with a deep passion for delivering positive and beneficial interactions to all our clients.

Our values of Respect, Dignity, Trust, honesty, congruency, empathy and genuineness shine through every aspect of our service; we want you to feel that you are listened to, valued and understood. You can trust our completely confidential service to bring positive interactions and great value.

We are an Australian based service open to clientele from around the world. We exceed the highly regarded and respected Australian standards of practice to deliver our world class service to anyone and everyone in a judgement free zone that deeply respects the individual and strives to bring excellence in service at every stage. All our staff are Australian qualified counsellors who excel in their specialties and expertise.

AGood.chat is a safe online refuge where you can connect, learn and grow, somewhere you can find tools to help you through the issues we face daily. connect with people who care, and service that treats you like the human you are: we respect and value all our clients, and welcome everyone, from all walks of life.

Our service is delivered online, so we can talk to people located in the world with internet access. Professional service to the comfort of your own home. or car. or office. or garden. or mountaintop. If its quiet, private and suitable to you, we’re more than happy to chat.

We also offer a non-therapeutic chat and talk service, where you can connect and chat to someone socially. We understand not everyone wants a therapist, but sometimes, everyone needs a sympathetic ear and someone to chat to.